Database Projects

Kinship and Marriage Database of Civil Examination Graduates, 1393-1469

  • based on a subset of the online edition of the Wagner-Song Munkwa Project.
  • extracted by partial automation, cleaned, checked against the originals for errors, and restructured.
  • renders an edge list of 3793 kinship and marriage ties and a node list of 4057 unique individual civil examination graduates who received their degree between 1393 and 1469 and three generations of their known agnates and affines.

Marriage Ties between Civil Examination Graduates, 1392-1469 

Kinship and Marriage Database of Medieval Korean Elite Lineages

  • created by manual input in Microsoft Excel and Access.
  • information drawn from printed genealogical sources and checked against other reliable sources for errors, inconsistencies, and potential fabrications.
  • contains a total of approximately 1,000 records pertaining to Kaesŏng Wang, Koryŏng Sin, Talsŏng Sŏ, Sangnyŏng Ch’oe, Andong Kwŏn, Ch’ogye Pyŏn, Hansan Yi, and Haeju Ch’oe.

Andong Kwŏn Genealogy, 1476 edition 安東權氏成化譜


The Extended Marriage Network of the Andong Kwŏn, 1200-1400

A Gazetteer Database of Chosŏn Korea

  • contains a list of approximate coordinates for 384 towns mentioned in Chosŏn-period gazetteers.
  • links with other Chosŏn-period databases to visualize and examine spatial patterns.
  • with data tables holding state census information regarding demographic and land use figures.


Exploratory Projects

Female Literacy in 1930 Korea

The Population of Seoul, 1904-2005

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