Guest Appearance in a RTHK radio program

Since moving to Hong Kong, I have been struck by the tremendous desire to consume anything Korean and learn about all aspects of Korean culture. Recently, a friend who attended my public lecture at the University of Hong Kong suggested that I appear in a popular late-night radio program on RTHK called Free as the Wind 講東講西. On December 2, I was interviewed by Mr. Shum Yat Fei and two other guests for about two hours. I spoke in English with occasional Mandarin mixed in. Many thanks to the audience who are generally used to listening to this segment in Cantonese. The production staff initially had a lot of concern but everything ended up running smoothly.

More information is available on the RTHK Facebook page: [link].

A podcast based on this segment is available online: [link].


With the host Mr. Shum and two other guests: Mr. Chan and Ms. Wong

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